Score the Best Deals at Consignment Stores by J's Everyday Fashion

Being frugal has never been more in style, and consignment shopping is one of the biggest trends in fashion right now! Feeling overwhelmed when you walk into a consignment store, though? Here are some tips for helping you stay organized and ultimately snagging the best deals at consignment stores.

1.Locate a store near you. Use websites such as and to help you locate top-notch consignment stores in your area.

2.Keep an open mind. Think of consignment shopping like a treasure hunt. Rather than bringing a to-do list or having specific items you want to find, you’ll want to keep an open mind when shopping consignment. This will ensure that you won’t miss out on that perfect find that you may have otherwise overlooked.

3.Go often. The merchandise changes daily and even hourly, so visit often to find the best items.

4.Join the mailing list. Customers who log their requests on the store wish list get first dibs on the highest demand items like Louis Vuitton handbags. These items rarely make it to the sales floor because the wish list customers scoop them up first, so don’t be shy about inquiring.

5.Trade in your items. Bring in a stack of your unwanted items and ask to trade. You’ll usually be given a much higher credit to the store, than you would be given cash, so use those old items to score some new ones!

6.Pick multiple sizes. You’ll want to select two sizes up and down from what you currently wear, since designers run differently in their sizing. The savviest consignment shoppers check out every item because they know that some items have been altered and may not reflect the size on the tag. Trust the “eyeball test” – if it looks like it might fit, give it a try. You might be pleasantly surprised.

7.Shop the mannequins. Take the easy road and check out the mannequins in the store. Shop owners want to display the best of what the shop has to offer, so the displays are generally a jackpot for great finds.

8.Know retail prices. When consignment shopping, keep in mind the prices you’ve seen at the mall and at other consignment stores. That $25 J. Crew sweater may seem like a great deal, unless you recently saw one at the mall for $20. Knowing your prices will help you identify when you are truly getting a great deal.

9.Shop the sales. Check with your local stores to see what days they run promotions (10% off on Tuesdays, for example) or annual sales, to save even more money on your consignment purchases.

10.Shop online. Still not convinced that consignment shopping is for you? Try it from home. There are plenty of stores like Other People’s Property that sell vintage clothing online, or use the website, which lists the best items from consignment shops all across the country.


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