Never A Dull Moment

This week I was lucky enough to tape a segment for The Balancing Act and it
was an amazing experience. Everyone there from the producers to the makeup
artist were truly a joy to work with.


But of course every minute of the day can become a working moment for me
and on that set, there was no difference. One of the producers came to me while
I was waiting to go on with an issue she was having. She had just recently
picked up her car from an auto body shop after it had been involved in
an accident. The very next day the car wouldn’t start. Thinking that body
work and mechanical issues were probably two different things, her husband
had taken it into the mechanic instead of back to the auto body shop. Initially
she was just asking for my advice on the repair until I pointed out that she should
have taken it right back to the auto body shop as it might have been caused by the accident and still be covered under her insurance. She was surprised to hear
this and called both the body shop AND the mechanic and they both said it was
a possibility. In the end the mechanic had already fixed it but she can now take
that receipt and call the insurance company herself and have them reopen the claim.

Each insurance company has their own set of rules but you do have a period of time
to reopen a claim. You’d be surprised how one broken part can lead to another and
on down and certainly a big impact can jolt and damage many things. If you
have any issues after you’ve had a repair and especially if the insurance company
is involved don’t hesitate to call your mechanic back immediately!

Oh and I’ll keep you posted on when my segment airs, you definitely don’t want
to miss my conversation with Kristy!



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