I am having a love affair with my curtains!

Let me explain…


First of all, I feel that Sleep is highly Under rated. Most people, who know me, know that I LOVE to sleep. I don’t like waking up to the phone ringing or any loud banging. Once I get into bed, I have no interest is getting out til I;m good and ready! Since I don’t work a regular  9-5 hours on my  job I have the luxury to sleep in when not on a photo shoot and believe me, I take full advantage.

I happen to live facing East with the sun rising right into my bedroom window. Since my entire apartment is one long balcony from bedroom to living room, I can’t escape the bright sunlight every morning. Don’t get me wrong, I love the sunlight. In fact, it’s so bright in my apartment that I never have to put the lights on. Saves on electricity and I’m doing my part in conserving energy.  My sleep however, was broken up and disrupted from about 7am till 10am. I’d wake up every half hour, all morning til I finally got out of bed. You can imagine how frustrating that was for me.

The curtains I have are white light linens. They’re flowy and very nice to look at.

The only problem is they don’t really block the morning light.

Recently I came across the Sound Asleep Curtains!

They’re actually a room darkening curtain as well as the official curtain of the National Sleep foundation. The first night I put them up was the best sleep I’ve had in a long time and I am forever changed! Not only did they block out every ounce of light but the sound as well so once I shut my eyes, they didn’t open again til 9:30 am and I was completely rested. I am thrilled with my new found sleep .

So if you have any sort of interrupted sleep and are searching for the curtain that has that Hotel black out curtain feel, I suggest that you run and grab these. They come in all colors and are pretty glamorous to look.

But be careful, because once you put them up and get that experience of a sound sleep, you too will be a sleep lover just like me!!


Lisa Cera is a Fashion Stylist/Personal Shopper.

For more information on pricing and availability or to have style questions answered

please visit www.Lisacstyles.com


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