Do you know what to do if you are attacked?


Last week, The Centers for Disease Control released the data from an exhaustive survey finding that one in three women have experienced sexual assault, physical violence or stalking by an intimate partner during their lifetime.  Couple this with what seems to be weekly news reports of abusive husbands gunning down their entire family and it makes almost every woman in America stop and wonder whether they would know what to do if they were attacked.

My first thought when considering this is that I would fight back – kick, bite, scratch, scream – do whatever it takes to beat him.  The reality, however, is that I most likely would not be able to overtake an assailant larger than myself.  What I learned is that it’s not about fighting your attacker but having the opportunity to get away.

Recently the Balancing Act on Lifetime TV sent me a copy of the DVD “Simple Self Defense for Women” to review.  This is one component of a program offered by Tracey and Charley Vega that teaches women how to escape an attack.   I must admit, they were a few easy moves that I never would have known – how to use your own body weight to break a hold, how to pull back just one of your attacker’s fingers if he’s choking you and break it and how to cause serious pain to someone who has grabbed you and has you backed against a wall.  The best part is that these techniques can be used by any woman, whether she’s 18 or 80!

It’s hard to imagine that you could be the victim of domestic violence or a random attack but it happens every day.  Being prepared makes all the difference.

Disclosure: Safety Mom is part of the Balancing Act community and has received  a product sample as a gift to facilitate this review.



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