Check and check again!

Once in a while a new customer will arrive and I feel validated. I swear she reads my blog even though she claims not to have. Such is the case with a woman that came to me today. Jenny came to me through a mutual friend, and usually when there’s a referral like that, the new customer will trust right off the bat. Not so with Jenny, she had just the right amount of trust and verify that I like to see.
She followed all of my directions:

She asked her friend if he knew where to find a good mechanic, check.

She asked me to call her with updates, check.

After telling her the issues, she asked for specifics, check.

Then after I summed it all up, she asked for exact pricing, check.

When I asked for a deposit (there was body work involved and we usually get a deposit for that) she asked to see a written estimate, check.

Finally, before she sent someone over with the deposit she called to verify that we were doing exactly what I had written in the estimate, check again.


During the entire process she was very nice and appreciative of my efforts so we worked together to get her car repaired and her insurance covered. Now I know some of my avid readers will be shocked to see me so complimentary, but when things go right I’m just so happy. It’s not often they go so well in thisbusiness. I’m sure the next time Jenny comes in she won’t be quite that methodical because now she does trust us. I’m thrilled she knew what to do without reading all my ranting and ravings. She said she’d start to now though, good thing , I need all the readers I can get!


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