Sick season is just around the corner. Are you ready? Sani-Brand can help! by Ashley Shaffer


I find myself being one of those strange people who can play both sides of the germ-fighting field. There are definitely times when Atticus drops a snack on the ground and I totally fall back on the 5… or let’s be honest… maybe even the 10 second rule. However, when I KNOW there are germs around (like someone has been sick, or is denying it even with green snot running out of their nose), I go a little crazy on the cleaning. I also keep multiple types of wipes in my car, my purse, and my diaper bag at all times. When it comes down to it though, we all want to keep our families, AND ourselves… HEALTHY!

I had the chance to take part in a video chat thanks to Sani-Brand with Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, a pediatrician and regular contributor to Lifetime’s The Balancing Act and Michael Ferrara, head of marketing for Sani- Brand. They really gave me some valuable information and helpful tips for staying healthy this cold and flu season. The 4 biggest take-aways for me? Well here you go!

Important Stay Healthy Tip #1 – Hand washing is SO IMPORTANT! It is the #1 thing recommended by the CDC to aid in the prevention of illness. 80% of all illnesses are spread by hands. The problem? Many people who think they are washing their hands, are actually not doing it correctly. Make sure you actively scrub all areas of hands (front, back, between your fingers, etc.) and you should scrub for about 30 seconds… basically the length of time it takes to sing Happy Birthday.

Important Stay Healthy Tip #2 – Hand wipes are superior to your popular gel hand sanitizers. That’s right, the little bottles of gel that you probably have stashed everywhere are actually NOT the second best thing to actual soap and water. In clinical studies, the artificial friction created by wipes created TWICE the removal of soil and other organic materials from the hands over the use of alcohol-based gels. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use the gel… first choice is soap and water, then alcohol based hand wipes, then alcohol based sanitizers. In order for gels to be productive, you need to use A LOT , rub it in all over your hands, and allow it to dry. The Sani-Brand hand wipes are a perfect solution to this. They also include Vitamin E and Aloe to moisturize skin instead of just dry it out. I’ve now replaced my good old bottle of “car gel” with some of my new Sani-Hands!

Important Stay Helathy Tip #3 – Watch out for germy hotspots and try to keep up with the Sani-Brand 360 Touchpoints System. Sani-Brand created an AWESOME video to highlight their 360 Touchpoint System.

First of all, did you know that the germiest spot in your house probably your kitchen? Dangerous bacteria and even viruses linger on countertops, sinks, and the sponges or rags that you think you’re using to clean things. I’m a little kitchen crazy, so now there are 2 new spots for Sani-Surface in my kitchen for the counters! Not to mention, when it comes to the bathroom, studies have shown that the bathtub actual has more germs than the toilet! EEW! Another gross spot… the TV remote! One of the most common ways people catch colds is by rubbing their nose or eyes after touching something like a TV remote. Learn about other germ hotspots in your home. If possible, send sanitizing products to school if you have school age children. There are some huge germy hotspots in the classroom. So that’s home… school… and the last place would be work. In a recent study, office telephones were ranked as the #1 germ-infested object in the typical workplace. Some were found to have up to 25,000 germs per square inch compared to the 49 germs per square inch which have been found on office toilet seats! Learn about other germ office hotspots.

Important Tip #4 – Take care of yourself. If the Mom of the house gets sick, it’s going to be bad news for everyone. I probably shouldn’t have put this one last, since that’s where we usually put ourselves, but in this case it Is last but definitely not least. How can you do that?

– Wash your hands regularly.
– Exercise.
– Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.
– Get plenty of sleep every night.

Sani-Brand sent me a great stock of products to get me started and share my thoughts with you guys. You can even get your own though. Sani-Brand is now available to consumers through many local retailers including Wal-Mart at reasonable and affordable prices! You can also keep following MomStart as Sani-Brand will be continuing to send us more valuable information about staying healthy, fighting germs… AND sponsoring a great MomStart giveaway!

Disclosure – A product was provided to me free of charge by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the writing of this post; however, opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.

About Ashley:
Ashley has a background in teaching Kindergarten and working with children K through 8th grade. She is now a SAHM and a very active member of our local MOMS Club chapter. She writes her own blog at Momicles.



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