ANTS IN MY HOUSE? Thanks to Discovery Kids…We WELCOMED Them In!

Ants are a real problem in our house during the summer time!  I truly do not enjoy their invasion! In fact, I rather dislike it!  My kids, on the other hand…think ants are funny!  How about you?

Do you want ANTS in your house?
Well, thanks to “The Balancing Act” Show and Discovery Kids, “ANTS” are now welcome in our house…but in a contained and self sustaining habitat!
We received the “Discovery Kids” Illuminated Gel Ant Habitat to do a review/feature of!  My oldest son was super excited about this!  What boy wouldn’t be?
After taking everything out, reading the directions, and getting things set up and ready for the ANTS…we headed outside (armed with flashlights) to find some new occupants.  Certain we would find more than enough to fill our new habitat!
BUT UNFORTUNATELY, much to my dismay (and even after putting some honey out to try to lure some to our capture), we found NONE!  Not one single ant!  AMAZING…since our house is literally swarming with them during the warm summer months.  Guess they are all “in hiding” when it’s COLD outside?
So, now we will wait…because this kit comes with a card you can mail in to get ants shipped (who would have thought I’d be paying to have ants sent to my house…when they are pests I want rid of during the summer), to inhabit our new gel illuminated home for them.
Until then, this habitat makes an excellent nightlight (not really…we aren’t using it until the ants arrive)…but it is immediately ready for them when they get here.  My son can’t wait!  Honestly, neither can I.  After reading about the experience…I think it will be interesting to watch them tunnel, see them interact with one another and in a way, it’s almost be something relaxing & soothing to watch and to look at in the illuminated blue gel!
This kit is not only fun, but educational.  Plus…these are some of the lowest maintenance “pets” you can keep because their habitat is self sustaining.  You just have to open the top every once in awhile to replenish their oxygen supply.  Can’t get much easier or simplier than that, right?
I was not paid to feature this post!  I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!

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