ChiWalking And ChiRunning…What The Heck Is That? Come Learn More About It…

I am horrible about exercising!  Admittedly so, I do not like self inflicting pain on my body, even if I know it will keep me healthier for longer!  But if I am going to strain myself, doing some power walking or slow jogging on the treadmill is two forms of exertion I am OK with, if I MUST exercise!
So when these ChiWalking, ChiWalk-Run, and ChiRunning DVD’s and Books came from the Balancing Act Show for my review…I was definitely interested and curious!  When I hear Chi, I think of tea!  But this program is based off some T’ai chi ch’uan methods!  So I was interested to see what made this exercise program different from other’s I have tried!
Learning how to run like I did when I was a kid (when I actually enjoyed running) intrigued me!  Could I really learn to do that again?

Watch this:
Now check out to learn more!
and this:
Now check out to learn more!
Would this system help you build confidence that you can walk/run with freedom…with the assurance that using this system will keep you minimally injury free?

My husband, who enjoys running (already) is going to take full advantage of this program! After playing years of football and causing injuries to his knees…this system will carefully encourage him to running…and running far, after practicing this technique.

Both the books and the DVDs are extremely informative, encouraging and even (believe it or not) make running look interesting to me…one who has never enjoyed it before (except when I was a child)! I look forward to putting this ChiWalking, ChiWalk-Run and ChiRunning program into practice. Perhaps this is something that my husband and I can do together!
I was not paid to feature this post! I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature! This feature will also be posted on the Balancing Act TV site!



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