Do You Have Trouble Swallowing Vitamins? YOU NEED "Easy 2 Swallow" Products!

When I think about swallowing vitamins or meds, I always think about my sister.  Growing up, she just couldn’t do it.  In fact, she used to drink her meds or vitamins, crushed up in her liquid! I used to gag at the thought of trying to drink some of the concoctions she drank…because she just straight up refused to swallow a pill.
SHE DESPERATELY NEEDED THIS Company’s PRODUCTS (since she avoided taking pills at all cost)! It would have made a world of difference at how she looked at taking her pills or vitamins.
Easy 2 Swallow Vitamins are smaller, specially coated and even sometimes chewable! How awesome is that? Not only that, but they are all “MADE IN THE USA”.
I received the Calcium with Vitamin D to try out (sent to me on behalf of the Balancing Act Show for this review/feature). Since I am prone to Osteoporosis (it’s in my family genetics), taking calcium is important and I haven’t been that great at doing it. I was elated not only by the size of the vitamins (they weren’t giant HORSE PILLS) and the special coating on them does make it easier to swallow them. They go smoothly down with the liquid!
My sister would be able to swallow these vitamins!

I am also impressed that they carry an entire vitamin line…including prenatal (which sometimes, during pregnancy, it’s harder to take your vitamins because of sensitive gag reflux)! I think that this line is ideal for the entire family!
If you or someone in your family has trouble swallowing vitamins and you really want to make sure that they are not only taking them, but having an easy time with it…you need to check out this product line. The more positive the experience with taking them, the higher chance that you’ll continue taking them daily (creating a habit) and keep yourself healthy & happy in the NEW YEAR!
I was not paid to feature this post! I was compensated only by the product sent for review/feature!



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