New Year’s Resolutions, Vitamins, And A Plan

Be honest. How many New Year’s Resolutions have you kept? If you answer “all” or “most”, well, you make me sick. Just kidding! I am embarrassed to say I have never followed through on one. The most common resolutions for me are ‘change of diet’ and ‘loose weight’. Make note, tonight, January lst, I ordered pizza for dinner. How am I doing now?

New Year’s Resolutions are commitments we make to ourselves, for change in the coming year, during the most hectic holiday season at the end of the current year. I am usually hanging on by a thread from Thanksgiving to New Years, and all I want is for life to get back to normal. I also want my favorite TV shows to start new episodes, and all the Christmas specials to disappear forever. The phrase “New Year’s Resolutions” makes me feel I have to accomplish my goals in January, just as I am winding down, and have no desire to gear up for change. My list is put on the back burner and forgotten.

This year is going to be different. It is all in how you view it. I am looking at each word separately.

New. Year. Resolution.

New: “Different from the former or the old”, “Fresh and unused”, “Just found, discovered, or learned”.

Year. “The period of time during which Earth completes a single revolution around the sun, consisting of 365 days. In the Gregorian, or Western, calendar the year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31, called a calendar year.”

Resolution: “A resolving to do something. A course of action determined or decided on.”

Breaking up the words relaxes me. My pace is slowed, but I am moving forward.

I have 365 days to do something differently. I have a full year to learn and discover things. I have time to refresh. By giving each word its power, I have taken the pressure off the phrase.

New. Year. Resolution. #1-Health. I need to be stronger and take better care of myself. This past year has been abusive to my body. Lack of sleep, poor diet and no exercise has been my daily ritual. Establishing my shop, marketing my book, and writing late into the night has been my passion over reason.

Thanks to ‘The Balancing Act’ I have a jump-start on this resolution. During the holidays I received free samples of ‘Easy To Swallow’ (Easy 2 Swallow) vitamins the company supplied to them. I have wanted to supplement my diet and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give it a try. I also hate to swallow pills. This would be a good test.

The three vitamins I am taking are: ‘Women’s Multi Complex With Iron’, ‘Calcium 250mg, with Vitamin D3’, and ‘EPA/DHA Fish Oil’. The pills are smaller and specially coated for easier swallowing. The Fish Oil is a small gel capsule. I am especially excited about the Fish Oil. EPA/DHA Omega-3 Fish Oil is proven to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure while also supporting brain function, improving skin and strengthening hair. I’ve tried Fish Oil tablets before and they were hard to swallow and left a fish after taste. I am happy to report that these Fish Oil capsules slide down easily and I have not had issues with fishy taste or burps! When my samples are gone, I am buying more from their website. This is one New. Year. Resolution. I can easily keep. Check out their website at

The first day of the New Year was a lazy one. I never left the house. I slept most of the afternoon with five dogs by my side. I read recently that spending time with dogs, watching the sky, is not a waste of time. For me it is the best of times. I am happy to report I am also reading again, as I learn to pace myself.- New. Year. Resolution. #2.

In my jammies today I started on New. Year. Resolution. #3 – Writing. Online I renewed my membership in a writer’s club and registered for a book pitch with an agent this Spring.

I also signed up today, via Facebook, to join a local marketing group at their first 2012 meeting. New. Year. Resolution. #4 – Get my shop making money!

I have many more things to accomplish this year. But this is a start. Today I am relaxing with pizza. Yes, diet and exercise are part of New.Year. Resolution. #1, but it is still the holiday, and the plan was to break up the pressure of doing it all at once!

Resolutions for the New Year are fun to make, whether you keep them or not. The New Year is just like any other day, a chance to do good, be happy, take care of others and yourself. I think resolutions are just a way of helping us pull our thoughts together after a holiday season that has had us all over the charts! It is for me. Today I feel focused and relaxed. That is a feeling I’d like to take into 2012, perhaps as – New.Year.Resolution. #5

For now, I have one last bite of pizza to finish.


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