Frame your photos seconds after snapping them

When you look around your house it’s probably filled with beautiful framed pictures from when your daughter was a baby or special events like your wedding. The problem is that your “baby” is now a fifth-grader now and you’re celebrating your 15th anniversary next month. Most of us stopped printing pictures when we made the shift to digital photos which makes our framed photos woefully out-of-date. Now all our memories are stored on our computers, our phones, or maybe still trapped on memory cards. Well we found a great way to get those digital memories off your devices and into a picture frame in a snap.

The Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame is a beautiful frame that holds up to 4000 pictures and has several different dynamic display options. You can send the photos wirelessly from places like iPhoto, Kodak Gallery, Facebook, and even upload them from a memory card or flash drive. But here’s where the Pulse really gets ours racing. You can create an email address for your frame and email photos directly to it from anywhere. So that moutaintop shot you took when you were skiing will be on display by the time you’re at the bottom of the slopes. It comes in a 7” and a 10” version and makes an amazing gift for loved ones who live far away or even just to have in your office so you can get updated pictures when you’re not around.

Check out this week’s Twirl and find out why being framed might not be such a bad thing.


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