Start The New Year Out By Supporting WAHM's! These Handmade Rings Are INCREDIBLE!

The New Year Out By Supporting WAHM’s! These Handmade Rings Are INCREDIBLE!

Work at home mommies amaze me! How they are
able to maintain a business and still manage a home too! So I was more than
thrilled to do this review/feature for a mommy who is not only working at home,
but isn’t letting her health issues keep her from making incredible jewelry that
would brighten any mommy’s day!
Beaded Beautiful by Lisa
is an ETSY store you must check out! Why? She takes brilliant beads, stones
and Swarovski Crystals, and uses wires to make rings and bracelets that would
catch any woman’s eye!
I received three of these amazing rings for
review/feature! One for mommy and two for my girls (cause even little girls
love to have beautiful things).
These rings are amazing! SERIOUSLY! I am in
awe of the talent she has and HER PRICES ARE incredibly low! You could buy a
ring to match every outfit and your hands will always be your biggest
Each ring comes with instructions to keep it
looking incredible and I have no doubt that these rings will be something we (us
girls) will be wearing for years to come!
I mean…look at my girls
faces! They love their new rings!
These rings are a tad big for them to wear (I
did not send her specific sizes for each) on their ring fingers, right now…but
they will soon grow into them and I’ll look back at this feature and get teary
at how fast the time has flown. Plus, if they want to wear them as thumb rings
right now…they can! And I am sure they will!
Please, CLICK HERE and head over
to check out her entire selection of Beaded Beautiful by
collection. You will undoubtedly find something you’ll be in awe by as
well! She’s creative, talented, and at these prices, should sell out on a daily
Beaded Beautiful by Lisa’s
rings and bracelets
would make excellent gifts this year too! Keep that in
mind as the birthdays and holidays come about! Great ideas for wedding party
gifts (perhaps to even wear during the wedding) or for a special lady in your
I was
not paid to feature this post! I was compensated only by the product sent for

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