Thank you Dear Globes for putting on an award show this year where I was able to watch so many amazingly beautiful people, so much so that my eyes actually burned!! The Diamonds, The shine, the stilettos Oh My!! The Hair & makeup and the handsome men!

 Ok. First things first.
New Rule.
If you can’t dress yourself you can’t critique. So Miss Osbourne, off with the dress and blue hair and on to fashion school.
An opinion makes a fashion expert NOT.

And now

 There were so many gorgeous dresses on the red carpet last night and to really see who won best dressed I had to get down to details.

 I must start with the uber sexy Johnny Depp with his cool enigmatic attitude and tinted shades. He certainly pulled off edge and chic with great charm. Adding accessories of a pocket watch which he wears so well and a sheen emerald vest he rocked the red carpet.
Cudos Johnny!


Ok, I’ll say it. Sexy sexy and did I say Sexy Reese Witherspoon wow’d us with her Red Zac Posen Dress and her tussled hair seeming as if she just rolled out of bed with her hubby looking mysteriously sexy, super content and walking with the utmost confidence.
Marriage definitely has its advantages and agrees with Reese.

 Angelina Jolie surprised us all by showing up in a white Satin Atelier Versace gown rather then the usual black . SO hard to pull off normally, Angelina was statuesque and stunning then topped it off with the perfect red lips. Having Brad Pitt as an accessory definitely added to her perfection. Cudos Angelina for the Best Dressed in my book!

Octavia Spencer really shined in her Tadashi Shoji lavender dress.
Perfectly fitted in all the right spots and teaching woman how to dress for their shape Octavia is divine in lavender.

 Kate Beckinsale was absolutely impeccable in her nude beaded strapless Roberto Cavalli gown. With diamonds galore, flawless hair and make up, she makes for a Best Dressed #2.


Catastrophes and the painful truth……

 Dear Tina Fay,
Please hire a Fashion stylist because at this point people are expecting you to show up in a terrible dress on the red carpet. You made Oscar De La Renta look bad. This dress is for someone 4 inches taller then you with a lighter complexion and hair.  
You’re beautiful, funny have a great figure and I’d love to see shock us all and finally show up in the perfect dress!!

 Madonna is a musician and they tend to dress edgier then actresses however, what was she thinking!! This hideous dress was not only wrong for Madonna’s personality but the additional black glove just threw it out of the show all together. Shamefully, Madonna is a catastrophe.

How does adorable Michelle Williams make Jason wu look like a Kmart dress rather then the couture dress that it is. Wrong color (much to dark), wrong style for the petite Michelle, that’s how! Add the ribbon on her head made from something out of a Michaels Store and you get worst dressed #2.

 Sarah Michelle Gellar wearing Monique Lhuillier said her 2 year old daughter picked out the dress and it looked like it. Better a stylist then your daughter dear Michelle.
The color and style of the dress was so much that you could spot her out of a running of the Bulls crowd. Gorgeous gown, wrong person. This dress is definitely not an Oscar Dress.
This is a dress that should be worn on Charlize Theron running barefoot on the beach for a perfume ad!!
Definitely Worst Dressed #1.  Congratulations!.

And there you have it ladies.
Always look closely at yourself before leaving for a night out. Those little details make a huge difference.
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