Up and Down

I got a phone call from a friend of one of my customers this week. She had borrowed the car from my customer and the passenger side window wouldn’t go up. She brought the car in after I told her the most common repair for this issue would be a new window regulator. Without even trying to get the window to go up we removed the door skin to investigate the problem. What my mechanic encountered was a perfectly good regulator with not even a broken plastic clip. At that point he tried the window switch only to discover that the window lock was engaged which would prevent the window from operating. After much discussion and a little mocking (oh we couldn’t help it) we determined that some of the heavy photo equipment she was moving around the vehicle must have engaged the window into the open position and then somehow the lock switch got engaged as well.


This discussion brought on another one about how many garages would have charged to change out that regulator anyway. One of my mechanics regaled us with a tale about how at a previous job he had, this exact same thing happened and the owner of that shop not only charged for one regulator but managed to convince the owner that they needed 3, with a bill of over $800. Clearly the morale of this story is to check everything you possibly can before bringing the car in for any repair and or back to my number one piece of advice, FIND A MECHANIC YOU CAN TRUST!

But certainly by now you’ve done that already, right?

Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com


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