Two Ways to Digitize Your Old Photos

By far one of the most common questions we get is “What do I do with all my old photos?” Frankly, we’ve all got shoeboxes full of them too, so we went off in search of a solution. First, if you’re only looking to digitize a small batch, maybe around 100, then there are lots of inexpensive flatbed scanners out there that will do the trick. Some even scan film negatives, which is a real plus. There are also a slew of portable scanners that are better used for scanning a low number of pictures. But before you press “scan” for the first time, let’s talk dpi (dots per inch). The higher the dpi, the better quality the image will be; however, the file size will be a lot larger as well. If all you want to do is post your pictures online after scanning them, 72 dpi is the best way to go. Scanning your pictures at 300 dpi will allow you to view them in print quality and you may even be able to print them a little bit bigger than their original size. If you really want to blow things up, 600 dpi is also available, but you should be selective about what you bump up. Now, if you have hundreds, yes, with an “s,” then you may be better off having a service such as take care of them for you. They have high speed scanners that turn your lifetime of photo memories into 300 dpi files burned conveniently onto a DVD. Their prices are reasonable ($79.50 for 1000 photos), but there are some details you’re going to want to let Carley tell you about in the video. Once your photos are scanned, you can load them on to external hard drives or even upload them to an online cloud service such as for easy storage. Sorting through your photos is also a good way to separate the good, the bad, and the ugly. So check out this week’s Twirl for everything you need to know about digitizing your favorite photo memories. Then, just think of what you can do with all that space you freed up in that bottom drawer. Don’t let your lifetime of memories spend a lifetime in box!

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