"The Prince"

This weeks crazy story involves a friend who lives just a little too far for him to bring his car to me every time he has an issue. At least that’s what he thought but is now revising this misconception.

About a year ago he, Ken, drove his car down to us and we fixed a few of the major issues he had and I gave him a list of a few other items that needed tending to. I thought he’d eventually bring the car back to finish the job but he found someone do to the work closer to home and, he thought, for a cheaper price. Ha! – you say? Yeah you’re right.

The saga begins when Ken runs out of gas and a prince on a white horse rides to his rescue and brings him some gas. After filling him up, he informs Ken that he’s a mechanic and does work out of his home and therefore can save him quite a bit of money. Ken decides that this is the way to go. Ken begins the process by giving “the prince” his car and $700 to get the parts. Over the course of 2 weeks he gives him more and more, to the tune of $2500.  Finally the vehicle is finished and ready to be driven. Ken meets “the prince” in the center of their little town where the hand off is made. Ken never gets a receipt, an address where the work was done and best of all “the prince’s” last night. They shake hands and Ken drives home. The next day Ken gets in the car and doesn’t make it a mile down the road before he is broken down. He tries, to no avail to get “the prince” on the phone and finally tows the car to a local garage.  The garage owner has quite the chuckle when he sees all the spray painted parts on Ken’s car and informs him he’s been completely ripped off.

Now you may all shake your heads and say, “oh, that would never happen to me” but the best part of the story is that Ken is no country bumpkin, he’s a New York City Lawyer (I know, now most of you are laughing and thinking “good”). When I questioned Ken about why he would fall for such an obvious scam he had no real answer. He frankly didn’t know but knew that he hadn’t used his own good instincts and did admit that he was trying to take the easy way out.  Let’s just call it what it is, Ken being lazy and cheap, what any good con is looking for in a mark. Of course the most annoying part for me is that even if he had gotten all that work done at my shop, it would have been less than $2500, way less.

Moral: There is no easy way out!

Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com


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