Could You? Would You? Dumpster Dive for Savings?

I went somewhere I thought I’d never go to save money – into a dumpster.

Let me explain.

As I was complaining about how my city makes us drop our recycling off at the city dumpster (because I forgot this errand twice that day), I chuck Bag Number One into the full dumpster with a practiced sky hook.

As I’m planning the trajectory of Bag Number Two, I see them.

A stack of flyers in door bags – GOLD!

But not for the reason you think.

I have a dog. Therefore I need doggie pick up bags. We’re running low on potty bags and plastic advertising door bags work well for this purpose.

I’m excited about finding free garbage – to use as garbage.

I’m weird like that.

I grab a couple of bags from the top of the bin and dump the contents of the door bags back into the dumpster.

Then I remember reading about people dumpster diving for coupons. I took a peek into the next door bag. Sure enough it held an unexpired coupon flyer.

I grabbed a couple.


I ended up with forty.

My coupon strategy is to clip coupons for anything we regularly use from the coupon flyer. Clipping a coupon doesn’t mean I’ll automatically use it. It just makes it easier to find in my coupon file if I want to use it. I leave the rest of the coupons attached to the flyer and store them in a folder in my grocery shopping tote bag.

There wasn’t much for me to clip from the stack. Even though I had enough flyers to clip 10-20 coupons for each item, I clipped 4 like coupons at the most. For me, couponing is not about getting a bunker full of nail polish on the cheap or clearing store shelves just because I can (I don’t work that hard at getting all of the coupons necessary to pull that off. LAZY Budget Chef, remember?) Using coupons is one more money saving strategy I use to save money on the staple items my family regularly uses so I can put the difference toward healthy things that don’t go on sale regularly.

What am doing with the rest of the coupons? I released the rest of the coupons and flyers back into the wild.

It’s illegal to sell coupons. You can legally give or trade coupons to others free of charge though. That’s what I’m doing with the restaurant coupons. I gave a few to a friend because it is her favorite restaurant. I dropped the rest of the uncut flyers off at the recycling dumpster from whence they came.

I was more excited about not needing to buy potty bags than finding hot sauce coupons anyway.

Have you gone dumpster diving? Would you?


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