The Final Review – My Remington iLight Pro Review And Wrap Up!

As you know, I’ve been (over the past 6 weeks) reviewing the Remington iLight Pro Light Hair Removal System for “The Balancing Act”!


For my third application of the iLight Pro, I turned it ALL THE WAY UP!  Yes, I even smelt that “BURNT HAIR” smell.  I think I took care of the rest of the folicles that were still producing hair!

I am so excited!  6 months of being “HAIR FREE” in my armpits is like a dream come true!  Especially since summer is coming and that’s obviously a daily necessity…that I will no longer have to worry about!


I hope this doesn’t bother anyone, but I promised a picture of my armpit…so have a look!  You can actually see the folicles where there is no hair growing out!  I truly believe I took care of the rest…last night with my final application!  If I missed a few, I take care o them in a few weeks too!


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