Remember, Don’t Talk to Strangers!

I think we have heard that sentence our whole lives! DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!! As kids we figure this out pretty quickly and as parents we feel good that we have taught them well. As we grow a little older we use some common sense. We know who is a stranger, and who we really just don’t want to talk to. But what happens when we get older or our parents get older?? Now it’s our time to watch them and tell them who to talk to, who to give money to, who they should open the door to.

My husband and I have been teaching women to escape for some time now and we are very fortunate to have our mothers around to watch our success and even participate in our workshops. They hear us talk about all of the scenarios and you would think they might have picked up a few tips right? Ok, so I have to share my funny “mom” story.

We were heading out to a restaurant for a family celebration. Most of us live pretty close and mom still drives so she said she would meet us there. When we were younger she was anywhere early and now that we are older, she’s never late! So as we drove up to the restaurant I said to my husband, “who is that mom is sitting with”? We had no idea. As we are walking up mom gets up to greet us and the two (much younger) men say goodbye to her using her first name. I had to ask… so who are your friends? To which she replies, I just met them but they are very nice. They are from around the same area we were from back north. She continues on with the whole story and I realize how much information she has given to TOTAL STRANGERS!! She was convinced they were waiting for a friend to eat. Well, they were still sitting outside the restaurant when we were finished about 90 minutes later.

I had to laugh as I said to my mother “so do you know anyone that teaches women about personal safety”?

I think most of us want to believe that all people are good natured and nobody will hurt or take advantage of us. So when we are teaching the people close to us about the dangers of talking to strangers, please be sure to remind the elders in your life as well!


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