The Arm Pocket by Kalisa Hyman

I can’t believe I have lived in Memphis for 26 years and I’d never been to a Southern Women’s Show.

I attended this year, thanks to an invitation from The Balancing Act Road Tour. And it was like Mommy Disneyland up in there.

First of all, the show is HUGE. They had a great location here in Memphis, but I may be a little biased because it was so close to my house. They had food and clothing and accessories of all kinds and I even got my teeth professionally whitened there. But the experience was made even better by the one-on-one attention we received from The Balancing Act and their show sponsors. So hats off to them for recognizing the power of bloggers in the women’s community. Brava, ladies.

I met the founders and CEOs of a couple of organizations that I was very impressed with – and will be posting full posts about in the future – but right now I just want to concentrate on this one item I received from a show sponsor. It’s probably not a product that’s earth-shattering to you fitness types. But I was super excited to find it in my gift bag.

First, a little back story: While not an outdoorsy person, I have been spending many (many) hours a week at the dog park with Shelby. I don’t know what dog parks are like where you live, but here in Memphis we boast the largest urban park in America. And they’ve sectioned off a corner of it as an off-leash dog park – more than 100 acres of fields, hills, lakes, woods, and trails where your furry children can run wild as nature intended. (And also, roll around in horse poop.) It’s awesome. Shelby gets out there and just loses her head for two straight hours. Then she sleeps the rest of the day.

Anyway, we take her out there and I bring my car key & my phone – my key is on a lanyard that I hang around my neck but my phone I sometimes just carry in my hand if I don’t have a pocket. And Chip is forever harassing me because I don’t take my driver’s license. I keep telling him that it’s no big deal – it’s like a 5 minute drive to the park and anyway, I know my license number and if I did get pulled over the cop could look me up and see that I HAVE a valid license.

But now! I have what might be the greatest invention ever: The Arm Pocket. It holds my phone, driver’s license, Starbucks card, some cash, my car key…whatever I need. And then it straps to my upper arm completely out of the way. Chip said, “It’s like a fanny pack, but even more convenient.”

I used it today for the first time and was so grateful to have it. I almost wanted to speed just to see if I could get pulled over.


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