My Life In Blogs

I didn’t keep a diary as a teen girl. I spent my time reading and dreaming of boys. When I finally got to the point in my life where I was kissing, I didn’t want to kiss and tell. I never wanted to have my secrets written down where someone might find them and my escapades would fall into the wrong hands. My parents. Don’t ask how many years ago that was!

Today everyone’s personal life can be found online. Who needs a diary, when you have Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the many social media outlets available for personal posts, videos, and photographs?  But for a young girl in high school in the sixties, I was naïve, and the slightest kiss was kept secret. I did not dare put my thoughts on paper.

Now in my sixties, I am writing about my life. My essays are personal. I wrote a book on that first year after my husband died, doing all those things I never thought I’d do again. Dating for one. While I wouldn’t put a kiss in a diary as a teen, I have written about having sex as a widow. My secrets shared with the world, and the only comment I received, from a friend older than me, “I was shocked to read you only own one bra!” It seems that sex did not seem as unusual as the number of my under garments.

We’ve come a long way baby.

I don’t keep journals either. I hate to write in longhand.

It seems I like to live my life in blogs.

For those who are not sure what blogs are, here is a quick explanation. Blog (short for weblog) is basically a journal available on the web. Blogs are usually written by one person and updated frequently. The subject matter is as broad as the universe to include every topic from photography, decorating, hobbies, to personal diaries. There are many formats (templates) to use to design your blog. My preference at the moment is “Blogger”. I don’t have to think too hard on how to move around the site. You can dress up your blog with backgrounds, photos, illustrations, slideshows, and music. From your blog you can link to other blogs that interest you. The possibilities are endless for your creativity. If you want to share your posts, it is simple to drop them on social media sites.

“How many blogs do you have now?” My friends are curious about my numbers. They know I spend hours on the computer. I have my dog blog, my widow blog, my shop blog, and then, when a new idea pops into my brain, I start a new blog. I have blogs I keep private and those I use for shameless self-promotion of my work. I am also blogging for others, helping authors who don’t have time, or interest, to do a blog of their own.

“I’ve lost count.” That’s the only answer they’ll get from me.

I guard this secret as closely as when my husband asked, early in our relationship, “How many men have you slept with?”

Too many to mention.

I am more possessive about my blogs than I am about men. It took me twenty years to marry my husband. We lived together, but I didn’t feel the need to tie him down on paper. Yet, every time I think of a cute blog name, I buy the web domain. Do you like my title here ‘My Life In Blogs’? Me too. I just bought the Should I also buy the

April, the fifth rescue dog to enter my house, was painfully distant. Her damp nose bumped my elbow one night while I was on the computer. That bump took out a task bar but let me know she wanted attention.

“I’ll call you Miss April In Paris,” I whispered as I leaned over to kiss her head. I started her blog, a rescue dog turned diva dreaming of Paris. She liked wearing a hat and posing for the camera. Shy, demure, she finally started mixing with the pack. Giving her a blog gave her confidence, not because she was ‘online’ (how would she know?), but because she knew she got more of my time than the others for a brief period.

As it turned out, Miss April’s blog helped me with my book promotion. During my virtual book tour with Women On Writing (WOW) one of the sites I landed on was “Tilly The Dog” in England. That post had to be written from a dog’s viewpoint. Miss April in Paris was Tilly’s guest, and although April has not made it to France, for a shining moment she was a star in England. This experience only fed my need for more blogs.

Writing on blogs is spontaneous for me. Finding the artwork relaxes me. When I need to relive a moment in time, I’ve posted it somewhere, and can retrieve it. I don’t have to dig through piles of paperwork scattered about the room, wonder where I’ve put my notes, and in my case, never remembering. I just go to the computer and link to my blog. I don’t worry about a computer crash, as my work is online for me to find from any computer I’m working from.

We live on in our writing. Whether we write for ourselves, or to make a difference for others, the written word completes a life by saving it for all time. The emotions are as fresh as though it had just occurred. Things we’d long forgot are there to remind us of what was and give us fuel for what will come.

Blogs connect us to others. They are a soft touch promotional tool or a way to share personal experiences, interests, and talents with like-minded souls.

So, I continue to drop my thoughts in blog posts. Some you will read, like this one here. Others will surface when I call them up to work for me. There are a few that will be mine alone. Some secrets are more fun to keep, to keep others guessing.

“When you die and someone goes through your things, will they be surprised with what they find?” This was actually a generic question on a dating site. I laughed. My life is an open book and I write about most everything I do. So my answer to that question was “No!” Then I thought about it. No one will be surprised about what they find in my house, or desk drawer, but if they get my passwords, who knows what they will find online in my private blogs!

That might stir some things up! I only hope someone will turn it into a best selling memoir! If I live long enough, I will.


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