I Never Thought Running Would Be The Easy Part

Little known fact: I’m training for another half-marathon. After running the St. Jude half, I had absolutely no desire to ever do that again. But then I heard about the Hollywood Half. I found this race appealing because I’m always looking for any excuse to go to SoCal, I could run it with my brother (who lives in L.A.), and because of this:

Hollywood Half Marathon Medal


Why yes, I am running a race just for the fancy medal. What, I can’t help it, I’m a girly girl!!!!!

But throughout all my recent running, I’ve been incredibly frustrated about something. Who’s the only person in the world who trains for races and runs miles and miles every week and yet still, somehow manages to GAIN weight throughout the whole torturous ordeal? That’s right, THIS GIRL.

I’m sorry, but this is just B.S. Burning excess calories typically helps one lose weight. But I’ve been paying close attention to how my body works, and how it’s performed throughout the years, and I think I’ve figured something out. My body, just like my brain, is obsessed with efficiency. It tries to do as much as possible with as little effort as possible. It’s quite simply lazy. It plateaus easily and often. It says “Oh gee, she’s running again. She might want to make me go a long way. Let me just slow down every function so I can make it through this without breaking a sweat or burning out.”

I’m tired of literally working my butt off just to watch it expand in size. If I’m going to work out this much, I want something to show for it other than a sparkly medal, dammit. I’d already decided to stop running and start cross training after next weekend, but I got so frustrated with my fat on Monday that I went ahead and made an appointment with a personal trainer at my gym. I saw him yesterday, and I’m going back again this morning. I’m aiming for three 45-minute sessions with a trainer per week, plus any extra workouts I can fit in. I plan on doing this until I run out of money or fat, whichever comes first (please let it be the fat, please).

Another reason I really need to make a change? I’m the newest member of theFitfluential Board of Advisors. It is such an honor! But let’s face it — these bloggers who are health and fitness pros might not want to take advice from a lard butt. I need to fit in with the crowd!

When I met my trainer Paul yesterday morning, he asked if I wanted to spend the first session talking about my history and my goals, or if I wanted to hop right into things. I told him “I am forty pounds overweight. That’s forty reasons I don’t have time to chitchat with you.” So we talked as he trained. He put me through a circuit of squats, chin-ups and overhead presses, interspersed with trots around the indoor track. Every time he told me to put the weights down and run two laps, I was so thankful. My lazy body thought the running was an easy break. I never in my life thought I’d say this but BRING ON THE RUNNING. The fact it was so easy is, I think, proof that it’s not what my body needs.

I really enjoyed my session. I did not cry or vomit, though, and I’m not even very sore this morning. So I’m going to be a good girl and tell Paul he needs to make me step it up a bit. I am definitely a “no pain, no gain” kind of gal, and I want this to hurt! I need to make my body all kinds of angry. I’ve been too easy on it for too long.

PRODUCT PLUG: A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Southern Women’s Show in Memphis as a guest of Lifetime’s The Balancing Act. I had a great afternoon, and they introduced us to lots of vendors, who in turn gave us free product samples. I spent a lot of time chatting with the guys at About Time Protein. The two guys that started this company are personal trainers who wanted to create a better whey protein drink product. They wanted to cut out the fillers and carbs and extra calories, making a protein drink suitable for women and kids and anyone else who doesn’t want to bulk up or put extra crap in their body. They also wanted to manage production themselves, so they could control every aspect of how their protein is made. I like that. A lot. (Also, have you seen how hot Katherine McPhee looks on Smash? She uses About Time.)

About Time Protein

I’ve been thrilled with About Time. Typically after a long, hard workout, I’m really hungry, and I want to eat every carb I see. Instead, I’ve been mixing the chocolate protein powder with a little skim milk or unsweetened almond milk, and the chocolate milk concoction has really been satisfying me. Nick has been using it pre-workout. He started an early morning boot camp, and after the first session, he decided to drink some About Time before his training. He’s noticed a huge difference in his performance and energy levels during his workout. And I’m going to start giving it to the boys as an afternoon snack. They always want something sweet, but I won’t let them have candy or cookies. And the snacks they eat — lots of crackers and carbs — leave them hungry for more an hour later. I’m hoping the yummy flavors will satisfy their sweet tooths, while the protein will fill them up with something healthy. Although I was given a large container of About Time for free, we will definitely be buying more!

I feel good that I’m trying to take better care of myself. I’ll feel even better when I get my body back to a healthy, comfortable size. Wish me luck!


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