What Does A Bad Guy Look Like?

What does a bad guy look like, how would you describe them? It’s a question we ask at each of our Simple Self Defense for Women workshops and the answers are always very enlightening and interesting. I asked a group of girl scouts what they thought a bad guy would look like and they told me he would have on a hoodie, tattoos, sunglasses and probably drives an old van. I would like to suggest that probably comes from watching a lot of television! Most adults today would think of ponytails, tattoos, big muscles and piercings. Of course if you took a minute to look around that could describe almost anyone and probably even someone in your own family today.

The other question I always ask is do bad guys wear ties or suits? The response from the audience is almost always a resounding NO! Really, bad guys don’t wear ties? Anybody remember Ted Bundy? He wore a tie and was a good looking man. If a nice looking man came to your front door in a suit & tie (but you were not expecting him) would you still consider him to automatically be a good guy? The answer to that question is usually a yes as well! Bad guys don’t wear a sign or name tag saying hi I’m a bad guy and in about 10 seconds I am going to grab you, attack you or worse. A bad guy can easily be someone you know or least expect. How many times do you turn on the news only to see someone saying “he seemed like such a nice guy”?

Statistically speaking most attacks are from someone you know, a friend of friend, it could be the guy that cuts your lawn, helps you at the grocery store, or brings up your trash cans.  In fact the title of “bad guy” doesn’t just apply to men, women attack women or are the lure to the attacker. Women tend to be more trusting towards other women and could become a victim with this ploy. So the answer to the question, what does a bad guy look like is simple, they look like everyone else. The best self-defense is to be alert and trust your instincts! Remember, safety can be simple!


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