I call it…”offering an incentive”, though other’s may call it bribery!  Ha! Regardless what you call it…it seems to be working in this house, and I am so glad that it is!!
Our issue? All of our kids (minus the oldest…unless he has a horribly bad dream), love to climb into our bed at night and eventually kick me out of bed (because we have run out of room) or knee, elbow or lay on us!  It’s become a really big issue…at least for me (because I am such a light sleeper)!  I NEED SLEEP! I need to be able to sleep in my bed all night long!
So, I initiated “MISSION STAY IN BED” to see if I could encourage the kids (through some $ incentive) to stay in bed all night long.
Amazingly enough…the first night…we had three of the four kids stay in their own beds all night long.  The youngest daughter complained of a “belly ache”, and even after explaining she would loose her incentive…she decided to crawl into our bed!
But the second and third night (last nighthave been a huge success! The little guy has the best reaction in the morning about it!  He wants a high five for making it through the night!  His face lights up when he hears how proud I am that he DID IT and stayed in his bed!  He wants to talk about how he even gets up in the middle of the night to potty, and goes back into his room instead of coming into ours!  SUPER DUPER proud of himself!  LOVE IT!
So…it’s working!  This first phase is a two week trial period!
Maybe you’re a family with a similiar issue?

Perhaps you can find some way to encourage your children through an incentive program…to help “turn things around”.  I can’t tell you how much I need the past two nights (FULL NIGHT’S) sleep!  I am feeling so much more refreshed!  PRAISE THE LORD!!

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