Don’t Deny the World Your Gifts by Doubting Them

Never again will someone be made like you. Do not deny the world your gifts by doubting them.” ~The Daily Love

A post by Kelly Lynn Adams on Life Gloss today really rocked my socks!!! I am so hard on myself. I can give Doubting Thomas a run for his money any day. Especially of late as my doubt meter has been way off the charts to the negative so to speak. My gifts sitting idly by…

I have never considered my ego ‘fragile’ until the last few years. A series of unfortunate events, totally out of my control, took me way down the rabbit hole of self-doubt and second guessing that is a major creativity thwarter. I have wrestled this particular emotion over and over and over since May of 2008. I have had times when I was on the top and almost had the count…and others when I remained too listless to even fight back.

I selected SOAR as one of my words for 2012. I felt a shift in my spirits throughout the first few months. I was actually enjoying the view during my lofty flights…and then I allowed another unfortunate event to ground me.

Just now, as I wrote ‘ground me,’ I realized that it did not have a negative energy attached to it any longer. The energy around this event has shifted and it ‘grounds me’ in a balanced way…not a ‘chained to the sadness unable to move’ kind of way.

So what does this have to do with denying the world my gifts? I had lost the courage and the confidence in myself, but oh so worse I lost the courage to put my art and my words out there…communication is my gift…healing broken spirits is my gift…The Artist as a Spiritual Explorer is my gift. Three awesomely beautiful things indeed!!!

I feel balanced as I think about those words. Never before me and never after me will there be someone who has my unique set of gifts. Doubting them and denying them is a slap in the face of the One who bestowed them on me. This quote is hanging in three places in my home now so I will see it several times a day…and remember!!

I, Rebecca E. Parsons, am a communicator, a healer and a spiritual explorer. What I have to say with my words and my art are valuable to someone who is waiting for their message. A message only I can deliver. Who am I to deny them?


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