3 Simple Strategies to Breakthrough Self-sabotage

Problems cannot be solved at the level of awareness that created them.” –Albert Einstein

As a mentor and coach, I facilitate breakthroughs…this is really ALL I do for my clients…

I walk with them as they breakthrough and claim their soul-based authentic power and passion…

I find that there are basically two types of clients:

  • one who does the same things with the same mindset with the same routine day by day, month by month, even year by year…and
  • one who accepts challenges, embraces change, and adapts their plans accordingly…

I often find that clients are their own worst enemies…why do I say this? Being your own best friend can propel you into your wildest dreams while self-sabotage can keep you stuck, blocked, or even paralyzed from moving forward and claiming your best life and career!

“you cannot walk the same path every day and expect to end up somewhere else” -Rebecca E. Parsons

You cannot keep doing the same things that brought you here and expect a different outcome…you have to find new strategies and, this is the biggie, actually implement them…

How do we get to the place where my client experiences and even expects breakthroughs?

3 key strategies to breakthrough self-sabotage

1.    Be quiet and listen to your authentic inner voice…not the inner critic, but the true voice that knows exactly what you need to do to achieve your goals. Stop listening to others or even worse, buying into their well-intentioned ideas. Accept and understand that they are on their own journey and are looking through their personal filters. It is easy to confuse their path with yours. Take time every day to quiet your soul and connect with your inner guidance system that is always 100% correct. Trust that you know what is best for you.

2.    Learn that fear, doubt, and chaos are the signs of a breakthrough…if you reflect on your past you can probably find several examples of this. When you experience any tightness or painful feeling, practice connecting with it deeply and allow it to lead you to the opportunity it births. It is almost always a occasion for growth…personally, professionally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, etc. The more chaotic, painful, and frustrating the circumstance…the bigger the breakthrough.

3.    Let go of perfect…perfect is impossible period! You know the drill. You must know everything…have every possibility covered…have every duck in a row…have every i dotted and t crossed…it must be just so…you believe that you are just picky! Face it…all of this is just a delay tactic, procrastination, self-sabotage at its finest…and the single biggest stumbling block for many. When you allow yourself to embrace the ‘done is better than perfect’ attitude of most highly-successful people, you are well on your way to fulfillment and achievement.

Trust your intuition, embrace fear, and let go of perfect…these steps will lead you to more authentic power, more fulfillment, and more balance.

Take Debbie Ford’s self- sabotage quiz to see how you rank.


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