Blitzkrieg, my one-eyed rescue Pekingese, Overseer of All Food Prep, and muse has cancer.

My world is crumbling.

This is Bear. He is my first toy and best friend.
Two weeks ago, my husband and I dropped Blitzkrieg off at the vet for a grooming appointment. Later that day, we get a call from the groomer telling us one of Blitzkrieg’s broken teeth (from his abused like a punching bag days) is infected past the gum line. She asks if the vet can pull it. Of course! Maybe this is why Blitzkrieg was snoring heavier than usual?

We get a second call from the vet. Blitzkrieg’s tonsils are swollen. They wanted our permission to do a biopsy – absolutely!

The biopsy results came back.


Husband and I sat on the sofa, held each other, and cried.

Blitzkrieg tried to comfort us.

That made us cry harder.

We haven’t stopped.

It’s not fair it will end this way given the horrible 18 months that Blitzkrieg lived through in the beginning of his life. Blitzkrieg is missing an eye and teeth because he was hit and kicked. I couldn’t pick up a TV remote, book, or hairbrush without Blitzkrieg flinching and preparing for a smack. His behavior reminded me of abused children. He clearly wanted love but he watched my hands very closely just in case. It broke my heart. Every. Single. Time.

It is through sheer hard work, education, and training for the first three years we had Blitzkrieg that Husband and I have the happy go lucky confident goof ball you see on Lazy Budget Chef. Blitzkrieg doesn’t care about the remote control anymore unless it is taking the place of where he wants to rest his chin on my leg while I watch TV.

How many one eyed dogs do you know that do agility weave poles?

Do you believe a dog professional told us, “you can’t train a Pekingese”?

Blitzkrieg still twists and turns when I pet him, not out of fear but to lean against my hand. Behaviorists say this is how dogs hug back. I have to spell the word brush because Blitzkrieg knows the word and gets excited. After a brushing, he earns treats. Blitzkrieg is the smartest dog I have ever known.
Blitzkrieg is a good candidate for chemotherapy. We moved forward with the aggressive treatment the oncologist recommended because we caught it early. My husband and I are determined to give Blitzkrieg the best quality of life for as long as we can.

See this motion blur peeps? That’s why they call me Blitzkrieg!

My husband and I are trying to focus on the outpouring of love and support from our friends and Blitzkrieg’s on line fans (He’s more popular on my blogs than I am!) There are a lot of people who have said some terrible things to us and think we’re crazy and stupid for treating Blitzkrieg. Husband is floored that so many kind “strangers” have been so supportive.

The oncologist put Blitzkrieg on steroids to reduce the swelling in his back legs and tonsils. Blitzkrieg had his first chemotherapy treatment – only six more months to go! The hospital says Blitzkrieg is responding to the initial treatment. Our previous behavioral work with our family vet is paying off. Blitzkrieg was a very good patient and quickly charmed the hospital staff. Rumor has it; by visit number two, Blitzkrieg had several vet techs wrapped around his paw. That’s my boy!

However, I don’t have the heart to tell Blitzkrieg that being on medically prescribed steroids disqualifies him from competing in the London Olympics.

What?! Are you kidding me IOC? You made that up because you

don’t want me to win gold in the Biathlon this Summer, right?!

(The kid’s on a roll. I’m not going to correct him that Biathlon is a Winter Olympic event, or that he hasn’t been training for it, or that we don’t even own the equipment to make biathlon training possible. I’m especially not bringing up the fact Blitzkrieg doesn’t have thumbs because he thinks it’s discriminatory when I do even thought I think thumbs are the thing that makes target shooting possible. )

Every dog responds differently to chemo. Our vet hospital focuses on quality of life. Husband and I we are determined to do that too. Big trips and plans are immediately cancelled and replaced with local trips to fun dog places and paying for dog chemo. We’re determined to give our tough little dog with the crappy beginning the best ending a dog could possibly have.


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