One of the most common occurrences around here is the lack of memory.

It’s quite comical actually, because it not only pertains to me, but to most of  my

customers as well. It’s not unusual to hear, “but we just did that last year”, only to search my records and find out it was 3 years ago. Of course, I always

say I can’t remember yesterday let alone last year, so it makes me feel a little

better to know others are suffering from the same malady. There are few things

more important than keeping good records for your vehicle. When a new

customer comes in and shows me what has been done in the past, it is

invaluable and a huge time saver for my employees (not to mention sometimes

a good chuckle to see how they’ve been overcharged…sorry can’t help it).

How hard can this be? I’m always surprised how few people do it.

Here’s instructions on how to do it:

  1. Take the receipt.
  2. Fold it half.
  3. Walk over to car.
  4. Open glove box.
  5. Insert.

There, done. Was that so hard?



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