What a Pretty Picture!

Have you ever noticed that sex sells? Sure you have and advertising professionals know that, too! That’s why we see pictures of people all over ads. A lot of times the people in the advertisements are just actors and not actually affiliated with the business. Many times women in real estate, banking, cosmetics, etc. put their picture on their business cards because they want to show that they are professional and have a face you can trust. Most likely these are women that you feel very comfortable letting into your home. Let’s face it, you recognize them from their advertisement.

For all of us that watch TV, I know you have seen the show where a bad guy picks out his victim by the advertisement or the picture he saw. Guess what, that’s not just fiction! It happens more than you want to hear. In our PBS television special we did a home decorating scene where a young woman was invited to the home by a gentleman to do a consultation for him and his wife. When she arrived there was no wife, but there were two bad guys. They had seen her picture on her business card and in an advertisement, so they knew right where to go to find her.

Instead of using your picture on your business card, use your logo or an Avatar. Pictures are everywhere these days. Someone could take a picture off one of the social media sites and easily become a person you would trust.

The women in our show knew what to do to escape, but everyone isn’t prepared. If you are uncomfortable about where you are going have someone drive with you and wait in the car. If you have to go alone, do some research before you head to someone’s home. Make sure you tell someone where you are going, what time your appointment is, how long it’s scheduled for.  Not every situation is bad, but you could have an accident along the way or problems with your car. If you don’t show up when you should at least friends or family have an idea where to start looking.

All women are beautiful in their own way. Save that beautiful picture for someone special in your life. It might just save yours!

Tracy Vega- Simple Self Defense for Women


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