What's for sale?

The garage is getting a little crowded and you decided it’s time to sell a few things to make some extra room & money. It’s time for the treadmill you aren’t using and the car you aren’t driving to find new homes. With all of the communication we have available today it will be simple to place an ad right? Once you start advertising you are inviting strangers into your life and your home.  In most cases people are very cautious who they let into their home but for some reason once a for sale sign goes up people throw caution to the wind. After all you do want to sell your items so you start making appointments for people to come to your house. Do you know anything about these potential buyers?  The car you can put out in the driveway for them to look at or even meet them somewhere if you aren’t comfortable having them to your tome. But remember the treadmill is in the garage and has to be hooked to electric in order for them to try it. Now you are not out in the open anymore. I’m not saying selling personal items is bad. I just want you to be aware of the potential danger and take precautions when you invite a stranger to your home. Make sure someone is home with you, try not to give them to much personal information, and still let another person know that someone is coming to our house. You should take the same precautions if you were going to a stranger’s house.

Remember, safety can be simple!

Tracy Vega, Owner- Simple Self Defense for Women


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