An Executive Quandry for a New Executive Blogger

I have been part of the Blogger Community at The Balancing Act on Lifetime for a couple of years and it has been a really, really cool gig. So you can imagine how excited I was to find out that I had gotten a promotion.

I am now an Executive Blogger!

At first I was really flattered because I love the people involved in the show, love the other bloggers, and love that the program showcases great products and new trends for busy moms.

But then I got a little nervous.

It was the title, “Executive.”

In some circles, an Executive Assistant is really just a fancy name for a Secretary.

I wondered if maybe an Executive Blogger was something like that. Would I be expected to routinely fly down to the studio in Florida and get everyone coffee? Was picking up everyone’s dry cleaning part of my job description? Did I have to go out during my lunch hour and buy a pretty scarf for the boss’s wife for her birthday?

Then I thought that maybe an Executive Blogger had buckets of power like the Executive Branch of the government. Would I have the ability to veto any pictures they tried to post of me that showed my double chin? Could I send the FBI to arrest anyone who wrote a negative comment on one of my blog posts? I know I am Commander in Chief in my own house, but could I now ride on Air Force One to go to the Blog Conferences and once I was there, could I get the Presidential Suite and have the Secret Service bring me bon bons to eat while I write my blog for The Balancing Act?

I thought it was safe to assume that the Powers That Be at The Balancing Act did not have the authority to give me quite such a big promotion. But maybe the Executive Blogger would be like the Executive Producer and I could sashay onto The Balancing Act set and tell everyone what to do and demand that every show feature a segment about my book, “Rebel without a Minivan.”

Although that is a pretty unlikely scenario, too, I thought as an Executive Blogger, at the very least I would be empowered to make an Executive Decision from time to time.

So I thought my first Executive Decision as an Executive Blogger would be to change my title.

And when I explained why, the Social Media Director agreed that it was a good idea…

… and she suggested “FORMER Executive Blogger,” instead.


0 thoughts on “An Executive Quandry for a New Executive Blogger

  1. Tracey – I loved this. I got promoted too, and haven’t a clue what my duties will be as the other executive blogger. Now I know what to aim for under your guidance here. I am also thinking of changing my blog title from The CEO of Life to Lost in Life. I write on being single again at sixty and discovered I am out in left field. Barbara

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