It’s Not Worth Your Life!

I say it in our workshops, I Tweet about it often and I keep seeing it on the news so I thought I would try blogging to see if I can reach more women. None of us want to be a victim of an attack. We don’t want to be hurt, kidnapped or worse and yet we will fight tooth and nail to keep our purse? I understand we all love our purse, but is it worth your life or the injuries you will sustain trying to hold on to it while you are dragged behind a car?
We have been called several times by the media asking our professional opinion on what to do if you are the intended victim of an attempted purse snatching. We give the same answer each time… LET IT GO, IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE! Purse snatchers are cowards targeting elderly women, women with limited mobility or women who are distracted young children. They want easy targets so they do what it takes to get what they want!
Personal Safety Tip #1: When you are grocery shopping, be aware of your surroundings. Keep your purse on your shoulder. If you can’t carry it then zip it and either put in the top of the cart and hook it with the baby strap or place it under the seat with the groceries close making it difficult to see. Again, they are looking for quick & easy targets.
Personal Safety Tip #2: When you get to your car, open the door and put your purse in the front seat. Keep your keys out, lock the door and then go to the trunk to put away your items. I have personally been approached by a suspicious person in a parking lot while putting groceries in the trunk. I guess he thought I could be an easy target and asked for money. Keeping my distance from this person it was very easy for me to say I didn’t have my purse with me because it was not in sight. I had my pepper spray ready and then I called the police to check this person out. I can’t tell you how many times I walk out in a parking lot and see women not paying attention to their surroundings. Their purse is just sitting there out in the open while the woman has her head buried in the trunk.
If you are concerned about losing the contents of your purse or wallet, then take everything out and take a picture of it or copy your credit cards and documents so you have a record of what is missing. Nobody wants to be a victim but if you don’t let go, you will be a victim of something much worse. IT’S NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE, LET IT GO PLEASE!
Remember, Safety Can be Simple!
Tracy Vega, Owner- Simple Self Defense for Women

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