Real Life Stories You Have to Read…

My husband & I have such a fabulous job empowering women & children by teaching them to escape and survive an attack! We get to travel all over the country speaking and meeting wonderful women in our workshops. On one hand what we do is very rewarding and on the other it can be sad when we hear the stories that women tell. I wanted to share some of their stories and then you will understand why they say “I wish I would have known” or “if only”. Unfortunately these sound like an episode of some of our favorite television shows only there not, they are real life stories.

I have an acquaintance whose grandmother was beaten to death outside of a Macy’s in Atlanta over a purse snatching. Please let it go, nothings worth your life!

A student was attending one of our workshops at a university because she had been approached on campus by a person who said he was a professor but wasn’t. He kept asking her why she was so nervous. She was nervous because her instincts were right, he wasn’t a professor.

A woman who had seen our television show called because her sister had been beaten to death by her boyfriend with a 2 x 4. Nobody should ever have to die like that.

Another college student was participating in our workshop because her previous boyfriend choked her and held her out the dorm window. We taught her how to escape.

If you are married to an army ranger you should be safe right? That army ranger choked his wife. She was in safe house and now knows how to protect herself.

I met a woman last week who as a 14 year old teenager was asked for directions by a stranger.  She got in the car with him because she was running late for school. He didn’t take her to school… She had to jump out of a moving car but lived to tell her story.

An elderly woman has a male friend over that she’s known for years. All of a sudden in her kitchen he starts to attack her. It wasn’t domestic violence; he had psychotic dementia that hadn’t been diagnosed yet. She had been to a workshop of ours in the past and was able to escape based on what we showed her.

I think this is the saddest of all… A woman’s sister has been missing for 20 years. She had no idea what happened to her, it’s a cold case. She said that if her sister knew what we were teaching today she would probably still be here.

These are just some of too many stories. But the good news is that these women are reacting and investing in their personal safety by learning to escape from an attacker. Nobody can guarantee what you are learning will save your life, but it greatly increases your odds. We hope to see you one day in our travels!

Remember, Safety Can Be Simple!

Tracy Vega, Owner- Simple Self Defense for Women


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