Q: I noticed the check engine light on my car came on one day. I made an appointment to get the car checked. Now the check engine light is no longer on, should I just cancel the appointment? My car only has about 10k miles on it. Jon

A: Hi Jon,

I’m of two minds on this subject. First thing to know in general, is that just because the light on the dashboard is off doesn’t mean that the problem is gone, it can be stored in the vehicle’s computer. My other mind says that a car with 10K on it shouldn’t be having an issue (of course that’s in a perfect world, we all know that they can and do have problems). Most of the time on a car that age it’s probably a simple gas cap issue (as in, someone didn’t tighten it correctly…..). My suggestion would be instead of schlepping to the dealer (even when it’s under warranty and therefore free it can still be an ordeal).  Just go to one of those mass market auto parts stores that check it for free.

Simple, easy, done, no stress.

Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com


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