This Movie Was One Of My Favorites…

Most little girls dream of that LIFE CHANGING moment, when their daddy walks them gracefully down aisle to beautiful music, all eyes turn to admire & smile at her beauty and she locks eyes & hearts with the man she’s going to spend the rest of her life with!

No wonder “Father of the Bride” was such a hit when it came out!  I have watched this movie more times than I can probably count!  It was definitely one of my favorites!  Steve Martin was the perfect actor to play the “father”!  His way of portraying all that the father goes through, both emotionally and financially, when having a wedding for his daughter…was just PERFECT & though humored…pretty gosh darn true to life!
I never got that “Picture Perfect” movie wedding…where my daddy got to “walk me down the aisle of a church”, where all the eyes turned to me and we celebrated with a huge party, with all our friends and family afterwards…but I was still the daughter on February 8, 2002…to “The Father Of the Bride”.  And regardless the fact that the financial impact was far less severe (since our ceremony was at the Justice of the Peace) and our reception took place at my parents house with a few friends and a cake my sister made for us…I know my dad was still feeling a lot like Steve Martin on that day!  He was giving away his daughter!  Entrusting her to another man…who would be her partner through life!  Happy and heart broken all at the same time!
One day, my husband will be recreating this movie again…TWICE, when he is the “Father of the Bride” to our two girls.  Regardless their ceremonial situations (though I pray it will be the day they dream of as little girls)…he’ll take on the role of Steve Martin and have to give his daughters away…to the man they choose to marry!  The man that will join lives with our daughters and be their FOREVER!

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