Choosing Vintage Value from the Bridal Registry

Are you faced with trying to choose just the right wedding gift from a lengthy bridal registry? Do you know what gifts will be valuable in fifty years as the newlyweds reach their golden wedding anniversary? Here’s how to distinguish the contemporary trinkets from the future collectible treasures.

Hoard the China

When it comes to wedding china, many contemporary couples only ask for select pieces. Today’s brides complain that wedding china requires hand washing and a lot of storage space.

While most adult daughters don’t want their mother’s post-war era wedding china in favor of their own selected pattern, a complete service for 12 with all of the accessories dating from 2012 will be a highly cherished and very valuable collectible on the secondary antiques market in 2062. Mother’s high quality Wedgwood, Limoges, or Spode sets from the 1940s-1960s still bring significantly more money than an incomplete set. When the time comes to reap value from the china, you’ll want the entire set– gravy boats and all. When it comes to long term collectability, complete sets are icing on the wedding cake.

Collect Wine, not Wine Glasses

Many newlyweds would actually end up with a larger nest egg if they collected vintage wines rather than wine glasses. Fifty years from now, it’s probable that you won’t have all your wine glasses. You know the score, clumsy Uncle Leo will undoubtedly drop one when you host a family dinner. Another way wine glasses get damaged is from an unlikely source—your china cabinet or dining room breakfront.  Once you realize that the lights inside your china closet get so hot that the wine glasses cracked under the heat, you’ll realize that it is a good rule to only leave these display lights on for about 1 hour at a time.  If wine glasses are a must on your bridal registry, ask for high quality crystal.

Many young couples have realized that their taste for wine can become an interesting collectible category. Many new collectors are choosing wines as their object of focus. It is fun to visit various wineries, attend classes about wine connoisseurship, and purchasing bottles that recall a favorite vacation spot or occasion. Wines have quickly become a very desirable collectible in today’s market.

Nails and Nuptials

When the groom drags his bride to Home Depot to add items to the bridal registry, don’t discourage him. Fifty years from now, those tools will most likely make a very strong showing on the collectibles market. As you reach that golden anniversary, be mindful of your husband’s tool box.

Overall, the most valuable items remain original works of art, antique furniture, and precious metals (Yes guys, that means jewelry, too!).When deciding about the bridal registry, remember that quality is key–now and always.

Antiques and Your Home by Dr. Lori

Ph.D. antiques appraiser, author, and award-winning TV personality, Dr. Lori presents antique appraisal events nationwide. To have your antique appraised by Dr. Lori, consult her tour schedule at, or call toll free (888) 431-1010.


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