Summer Safety Tips

Memorial Day is right around the corner and that means the beginning of summer! Time to pull out the white pants and Capri’s ladies! It’s also time for barbecue’s, block parties, pool parties, water parks etc… It all sounds like so much fun and it should be as long as you are aware of your surroundings.
We’ve been waiting all year to start wearing our comfortable clothes to show off our tan and enjoy the great weather. We stay out longer in the evening, ride our bikes and walk more. You may not always have pockets or carry your purse, but please be sure to keep your pepper spray handy. Sometimes those great outfits can bring unwanted attention.
Is your neighborhood having an open house block party? Is everyone is asking “who is that in the white shirt’? If nobody knows who it is, go introduce yourself and find out. Party crashers happen all the time but you don’t want an uninvited guest who is a complete stranger wandering in your home checking everything out. It’s a great time for someone to scope out what you own and come back later to rob you or worse.
Are the kids heading to a pool party? Ask if someone has been designated as the “official life guard”. Unless you are 100% comfortable with the kids changing at someone else’s home, have them wear their bathing suit to the party. You may not know everyone who is attending or chaperoning. Just because they are at a “friends” house doesn’t automatically make them ok. The same applies to the ladies. Be sure you are changing in a secure area. If it’s a large party & there are a lot of people attending find a secure place to keep your purse or personal items. Belongings can get lost or mixed up with others that look similar. Sometimes it’s best to lock your purse in the trunk of your car or just leave it at home.
If you are heading to a crowded outdoor water park venue, secure a locker for your cell phone, keys and cash. Make sure the kids have an adult with them at all times or that they are on the buddy system. If they get lost, tell them to stay where they are and you will come find them. Trust your instincts! If someone looks out of place or seems suspicious say something to the staff. Someone else may have noticed it but wasn’t comfortable reporting it.
Have a safe & happy summer!

Remember, Safety Can Be Simple!
Tracy Vega, Owner- Simple Self Defense for Women


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