Spending Your Time Means More to Daddy Than Spending Your Money

Father’s Day or, as it is known in our house, Daddy’s Day, is rapidly approaching. It is time to start thinking about how to celebrate your Daddy’s Day with these easy tips from Daddy Nickell – a very experienced daddy of six.

Remember, you don’t have to break the piggy bank to make Daddy feel like the super-dad you know and love. Get back to the basics by being both thoughtful and appreciative while still saving some gas money.  For the older college kids, or those apart from their Dad’s, I recommend sending a SKYPE greeting and teaching Daddy how to log-on.  Its free, fun, and all about the family.

For the younger children, they can decorate their own master- piece greeting card with whatever they see fit: glitter, macaroni pasta, crayons, leaves, finger prints, and stickers work great. On the inside, they can tape or glue their favorite picture with a message to Daddy saying thanks. If you have more than one child they can each write their own, personal, special note so the card is bursting with love, smiles and happiness when Daddy discovers his special card.  I have a few favorite all-time gifts from this age.  A rock from my son.  A framed picture from one of my daughters, and a ceramic cup for pocket change from another. The memories are still there today.

Everyone talks about “breakfast in bed”, but the place Daddy loves the most is the garage.  Sneak out to the garage early, and have mommy help set up the card table and lawn chairs, open the garage door, sweep the floor, and set up the best breakfast ever for daddy including your and his favorites: chocolate chip pancakes, cheerios, oatmeal, and toast.  A breakfast over smiles is the greatest way to start the day. This morning will be talked about for years to come.

Another great Daddy-gift is an hour of sudsy laughter while washing his car together. Include a bubble machine, camera, the boom box, and some lemonade.  If you are super creative, a scrapbook full of yours and Daddy’s most fun moments, such as Disneyland, the beach, playing at the park, and family gatherings. These gestures are sure to bring a sincere smile to his face and his heart.

All daddies are different, so plan a special afternoon by giving him a series of treasure hunting notes that end with one of his favorite afternoon activities like a day at the beach, watching sports, loading up the car for an afternoon of fishing followed by a picnic near the lake, or having a barbeque with burgers and chocolate cake. Simply pick your daddy’s favorite activity and enjoy it together.

Being thoughtful on Father’s Day means the world to daddy.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank to be a meaningful day for the most incredible daddy you know. The saying, “it’s the thought that counts” will certainly ring true after a glorious day when his kids honor the most amazing daddy in their life!


Daddy Nickell


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