What should I do?

How many of you ladies are road warriors? Have keys will travel right? The most important thing to me when I am in the car is my seat belt & cell phone. I know that doesn’t sound right but both are for security. You won’t catch me texting and driving and not only is driving without a seatbelt illegal, I also think it’s selfish. When I first got my license seatbelts were optional & cell phones didn’t exist. If you had an emergency you had to locate the closest house or pay phone. Now a days there aren’t any more pay phones (maybe in front of the corner bar…) and you certainly don’t want to walk up to a strangers home.

It doesn’t matter if you drive an older car or a brand new one, you need to know what to do if there is an emergency. When my kids were learning how to drive I always taught them to be prepared for anything from a tire blowout, fender bender or a major accident. It’s hard to believe but bad guys use fender benders to set up attacks & robberies. They may bump into the back of you at a stop sign or in a parking lot. These setups usually happen in poorly lit or undesirable areas. The first thing most of us do is jump out of the car to find out what happened.

Our advice is to stay in your car with the doors locked. When you get out, you put yourself in a position where you can instantly become a victim of a purse snatching, carjacking, or worse.

Use your cell phone to call 911. If someone approaches your car crack the window and let them know you have called for help. Only get out if you if the car can be a danger to you. It’s better to be in a well lit area before getting out and always keep your pepper spray with you!

The same applies if you are being pulled over by an unmarked vehicle. If for some reason you don’t believe it’s an official vehicle you can call 911, and give them the details. Police will understand if you continue to drive (not at high rates of speed) as long as they can confirm it.

Remember, Safety Can Be Simple!

Tracy Vega, Owner- Simple Self Defense for Women


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