Did They Really Do That?

My husband & I are always talking about those cute little stick family pictures you see on the back of the SUV’s and mini-vans and sure enough we were walking through the parking lot and saw another one. Now we weren’t talking about them for the reasons you think… we were talking about them because you are opening yourself up to unwanted attention & possibly dangerous attention!

It’s ok to put the pictures without names but once you start adding the pets & names you are telling everyone who you are. One day we actually saw a camper that not only had all the kids & pet names but they had their last name on the spare tire cover! Now that’s just plain crazy! You have a given a bad guy (or girl) all the information they need to start a conversation with anyone in your family.

When people are approached by name they are usually less defensive because they feel like they have a connection with the person approaching them. A bad person will play it up in many ways…Don’t you remember me? How’s scruffy? Did you get another cat? I didn’t know “Brandon” was playing soccer now! Any of those questions or comments would start a very regular conversation bringing the bad person even closer.

All of us have been in that awkward moment of someone we know but can’t remember their name walking up to us. What’s different about this is it’s someone you know. If someone approaches you by name and you have no idea who they are you need to be cautious! This could be a dangerous situation! What if you left your teenager in the car and a stranger who read the name on the back of your car walked up to them and spoke with them by name. What do you think they would do? I would bet they will talk to the person!

Even if nothing happen immediately, remember we live in the world of technology. Someone stalking you could take that information and find you online! It’s sad that we have to think that way, but times really have changed.

Take precautions! Safety can be simple!

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