Summer is in full swing and the question is………….

How do you stay on trend when is so hot you hardly even want to get dress?

We seem to be in the height of an 80’s “Flashback” complete with off the shoulder tops, neon bright colors and painted faces. The modern twists are refreshing, forcing us to remember a more  simpler time.

Here are 9 great ideas (That’s right…. 9!!) to keep you looking cute during these lazy, crazy days of summer.

1-It’s all about going Fruity this summer and keeping it fresh! Go for colors with fruity names give your nails a colorful pop. Keep your color palette warm with sunset colors like magenta lemon and tangerine. don’t forget about the pastels, such as mint green creamy orange or tiffany blue (MY FAV!!!)

2-You all know my favorite shoe is a platform shoe and this summer they’ve taken this shoe to a crazy new level so of course this is my favorite trend while I will be sporting 2 and 3 toned color platform sandals circa 1960’s, you might opt for a more subtle version. Try one or two colors in a sandal and a wedge to keep things more classic.

3-Whether is your shoes or your clothes Color-blocking is already a household name

4-The 80’s are back In a huge way and along with that comes neon colors. if you want to pull off this trend without going overboard you can add a neon belt or a cross over bag to a neutral toned outfit

5- Another popular and slightly sexy 80’s trend this summer is what I call Peek-a-boo bra. Have a little fun by adding a colorful bra under a sheer blouse or showing a little strap under an off the shoulder top (and if two many heads turn don’t blame me.)

6-Pony Tails take on a new look, from the twisted pony to the slicked back high and tight pony to a casual low pony. This is a great way to focus on skincare and show off your glowing summer complexion.

7-Colorful make –If colorful clothing is a but much, try adding pops to your eyes or lips.

8. Lace. Channel your inner French charm by mixing and matching boudoir inspired pieces with floral prints and denim for a feminine inspired look.

8. White in summer are synonymous with each other so it only seems right that an all white outfit is perfect. To keep it modern and fresh choose trendy staple pieces such as classic dresses, wide leg pants (another of my Favs!!) white jeans and try throwing in an unexpected colorful belt or colorful platform sandal to bring more excitement to your outfit, so have fun with it.

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And as always, remember…There’s always time for a little glamour!!

Lisa C tyles


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