Most everyone is carrying a mobile phone type device, PDA, I Phone, etc. and all of them operate a little bit differently when making calls or sending messages. Often your mobile phone is your primary tool to call for help and sometimes it’s not so easy to simply dial 911 with so many apps and features on your phone. There are more than 100,000 apps being offered for many phones. Adding to the confusion there now are also many emergency applications being offered that can complicate the issue. When there is an emergency what you really need is the simplest method possible to get help fast! 911 should be just 1 number speed dial!

Follow these simple tips:

1. Calling 911 should be a one touch operation.

· Program a single key to dial 911!

· Pick a letter and program all your families’ phones the same way.

2. Understand the basic operation of your phone and how it works!

· Read the Instructions!

· Take time to play with it and be comfortable with its operation in various modes.

3. Make sure the device is charged and always have an additional power source.

· A second battery.

· A car charger.

4. Almost all devices will call 911 even without a service provider.

· The device still needs to be charged and powered on to make a call

· Test this before you have an emergency!

5. Do you know if your device can make a call while it’s locked or while an app is operating?

6. If you are relying on a “one touch” app for your safety you need to know the following:

· Will the application still work if the key pad is locked?

· Will the application stay active if a phone call comes in?

· Are you able to make an outgoing call while the application is active?

· Does the application require a special plan or service to operate?

· Are you able to use other applications while the safety app is active?

Tracy Vega-Owner Simple Self Defense for Women


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