My NEW Favorite Baking "MUST HAVE"…

I love to bake! Cakes, cookies, cupcakes and basically anything sweet…always tickles my taste buds!  Okay, my kids love that mommy loves to bake too!  And I have to admit…I don’t mind eating what I bake too!  Especially if it turns out GREAT!
So I was super excited to receive this Chicago Metallic Dessert Bar Pan, because I knew I could put this to VERY GOOD use in this home!
So, I found a simple “white cake” recipe, got to mixing, added some chocolate chips…and put them in the pan to bake.  As you know, you learn from experience…so next time I won’t fill them up as full (because they did bake into each other a bit), but I was very impressed with how well the little cakes baked.
Not only that…but they were super easy to get out (a couple of them did stick…I should have probably let them cool a little more) and the clean up was as quick as a little soap, a quick rinse and wipe!  SERIOUSLY!!  It couldn’t get much simpler or easier than that.
Not to mention that everyone has their own “dessert”, without any cutting or mess or fuss!  SCORE!!  I can already see “snack bars” for the kids to take to school, brownies and even mini meatloaf meals.  I LOVE THIS!!  LOVE IT!

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