Open House


Do you remember taking your kids to school for the first time? Do you remember your kid’s first open house at school? They took days getting ready for it and couldn’t wait for you to come so they could show you everything and you wanted to see every little thing they did! When they get to middle school they still kind of want you to come (but mostly because they get extra credit if you show up) and you would go. There weren’t as many things to see but you still went.

I remember when my kids got to high school I would ask about open house and they would stare at me like I speaking a foreign language they weren’t taking. With my son I gave up, my daughter still wanted me to go and I did every year. I have to admit when we got to her senior year I didn’t really want to be there either but I always went. Are you wondering what my point is?

I am writing this is to tell you how important it is to go to every open house or event you can. Of course you are there to support your children in their education and understanding what’s expected of them during the year, but more importantly you need to be there to meet their teachers and friends. Is there someone that they are expressing concern about already? Maybe their teacher is paying too much attention to them? Is there another student that they don’t want anything to do with or avoid? If are noticing any of these things talk to your kids. Hopefully most of this will just be typical school age stuff but it could be more.

It seems like every time we turn on the news there is another teacher being charged with sexual misconduct or assault against a student. How does this happen? Are the students threatened by the teacher if they tell or do they get special treatment in the form of better grades? I suppose there are times that the student believes the relationships are real and they feel important. Being involved & going to school may give you clues if you suspect something might be going on. Act on your instincts before you have to react to a situation.

The same applies when it comes to someone you may suspect is bullying your child. Quiet observation can speak volumes. Watch the interaction in the room with the other students, find out their names and ask about them. Ask your son/daughter or even the teacher if you want to know more about another student. If it’s open house talk to the other parents & watch how they interact with their own children. E.T.A. Education, Training & Awareness is key when it comes to bullying. Stop it before it gets out of hand.

I remember the first day I took each of my kids to school. The good old days are now, spend quality time with your children and be as involved as you can. You’re going to miss this…..

Published 9/16-Tracy Vega Co-Founder-Simple Self Defense for Women


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