Hosting a Baby Shower for a Dad-to-Be

Think baby showers are just for moms? Not anymore! The “Daddy Shower” is the latest trend hitting the scene, allowing the daddy-to-be to be “showered” with gifts and fun as well.

The first decision is who is going to throw the big event.  For the mommy, it is usually the best friend, mother, or mother in-law, or combination of the above.  For the Daddy, this role has not yet been established and quite often it is simply put together by a pro-active friend who is already a daddy and understands the importance of celebrating the dad-to-be!

Here are some thoughts from Daddy Nickell if you are the “best Dad friend” and want to put the party together.

First, come up with a cool, manly name. “Daddy Shower,” “BabyQ”, “Man Shower” and “Cigar and Diaper Night” are just a few. Be creative, make it fun, and the guys will give it a shot and show up. In some cases it may just be another excuse to get together, swap stories, watch the game and have a beer.

Once you’ve decided on the name and the basis of the occasion, build the theme for the event.  Some suggestions include:

* Require everyone to bring a case of diapers, and in return they will get a plate of food and a cold beer.

* Reward them with a cool prize. For everyone that comes, their name will be entered into the drawing for a gift certificate to Home Depot or tickets to a sporting event.

* Hold the shower at a favorite venue rather than a home. Consider going bowling, fishing or to your favorite bar.

Now, decide on the invitations. If you think your friends would never attend a baby show, don’t send them a formal invitation. Instead, send a humorous email saying something like “FREE BEER. My house. Saturday at 8pm. Bring diapers or a baby toy, OR NO FREE BEER.” Trust me…they will definitely mark it in their calendars to attend.

For the decorations, keep it casual and make sure there are plenty of deep-dish pizzas and chicken wings to go around.

Guys really do not like to play games, unless its poker or sports, however, we love to watch the team leader get embarrassed. Suggestions for ways to have the “new daddy” entertain everyone:

*Don’t play the traditional “Guess the Poopy Diaper” game. In this game, you melt a dozen or so different types of candy bars and dump each messy glob in a diaper. Then everyone guesses the candy bar in each dirty diaper. For a baby shower for a dad, however, just skip the microwave and the diapers and give everyone plenty of candy bars to eat!

*The game “What Happened to My Wallet” is also very fun! The dad-to-be counts to 100 while the guests all hide his wallet in a very hard-to-find place (after ordering several pizzas with his debit card!). This will get the dad used to the idea that his money is now out of his control, and also that his new child’s prying little hands will hide his valuables in small, unexpected places!

* Have the new daddy put together a crib, swing or bouncy seat. The guys can take “bets” on how long it will, will he use all the parts, will he follow directions etc.  Harassing and Heckling are part of the game. ‘Grade A’ embarrassment comes from diaper changing races, eating baby food, or the gross-out “what’s in the diaper” games. These games require the player to laugh, be loud and have fun.

* Have a “bottle drinking contest”; this is good for the whole group. Drink beer (or any beverage) out of a baby bottle. First one finished wins. (Note- you may have to cut bigger holes in the bottle to actually make drinking easier, otherwise make sure you purchase bottles for older children, and a shot of your favorite libation works better than a full bottle of beer).

As always, the loser of any bet must have consequences. Suggestions include:

* Eat a jar of baby food. “Yuck”

* Wear an adult disposable diaper for the remainder of the party. “LOL”

* Keep a pacifier in your mouth for a determined amount of time. “Truly embarrassing”

* Wear a bib throughout the party. “Some guys do this anyway”

Make the food “game day” finger food, keep the theme manly and expect them not to sit around and ogle over baby clothes and trinkets. Just keep it lighthearted and entertaining. You’ll find it’s not only good for men to be involved in the pregnancy parties; it can also be a lot of fun!


Daddy Nickell


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