Jager iOsonic Electric Toothbrush Giveaway

Taking care of my family’s dental health is important to me.  Even more so after my daughter’s trip to the dentist that turned up several cavities!  When I got the chance to feature this electric toothbrush for family dental health, I jumped at it!

Bling Dental Products presents their most technologically advanced, powerful electric toothbrush- The Jäger iOsonic™ Toothbrush. The Jäger iOsonic™ is your at-home weapon to combat plaque buildup, gingivitis, cavities and gum disease. The ultrasonic technology also improves stain removal helping you keep your smile brighter.

Jager iosonic toothbrush banner

The Jäger iOsonic™ combines the power of ionic and ultrasonic technology. The Jäger iOsonic™ is “the most powerful ultrasonic brush available at 40,000 strokes per minute – almost 30% more than the leading competitor”! The Jager iOsonic toothbrush adds a ionic cleaning component too!

Ionic Technology: “During your brush cycle the Jäger iOsonic™ releases a constant flow of positive ions from the lithium power source and temporarily reverses the polarity of your teeth. The change in polarity causes plaque to be repelled from your teeth and drawn to the negatively charged toothbrush head. Ionic repolarization during your brush cycle coupled with the power of ultrasonic technology dramatically increases the impact your daily brushing routine can make on your overall dental health.”

Another super nifty thing about the Jäger iOsonic™ toothbrush is that it incorporates a powerful UV sanitizer for your toothbrush heads built right into the charging base. Just close the lid and the UV light automatically powers on killing 99.9% of the bacteria on your brush head. I think that is a pretty awesome feature.  Unfortunately, I dropped my toothbrush charger on the floor and the UV light stopped working so I need to order another.

Jager iOsonic Toothbrush Review:

The Jäger iOsonic™ comes with two brush heads that quickly pop on and off and the bristles even have different colors making it easy for my husband and I tell ours apart.  I never thought about it before but more than one person can use the electronic toothbrush which helps justify the cost a little more for families on a budget.  The Jager iOsonic took a bit of getting used to.  There is no need for harsh brushing and scrubbing as you tend to do with a manual toothbrush.  You just hold the Jager iOsonic up to your teeth and let it do all the work of stroking your teeth clean as you gently and slowly move it over your teeth until the two minute timer goes off. It kind of tickles at first but you get used to it quickly.   I feel a real difference after using it.  It really does leave my teeth feeling super smooth like when I leave the dentist office.

Also, my husband went to the dentist after using it for about 3 weeks and the dental assistant said his teeth looked great.  She also said that it was unusual that he had less build up on the back of his teeth than on the front.  He said he was concerned about the build up on the back and had been using the Jager toothbrush extra long there.  So I thought that sounded pretty impressive and really speaks to the results.

Jager iOsonic Electric Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer Giveaway Details:

Jager iOsonic toothbrush and box

One lucky reader will receive one Jäger iOsonic™ Electric Toothbrush & UV Sanitizer ($229 value).

Jager iOsonic Toothbrush Giveaway Dates: October 3- November 1, 2012  Midnight CST

How to Enter:
Just use the Punch Tab form below to enter. Sign in with facebook or email (email only used to notify winner) and get your entries. Good luck and thanks for entering! http://familyfocusblog.com/jager-iosonic-toothbrush/

By: Scarlet Paolicchi


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