Theresa Announces New Low Price of her Ebook – $2.99

As a “thank you” to all my supporters I am lowering the ebook price of my book: Nude, Unveiling Your Inner Beauty and Sensuality, to $2.99. I appreciate your support and wanted to make it available at a low price for you and your friends.

I face a new challenge every day and that is what keeps me fired up and strong.  In order to capture these life lessons and to share with my readers, I am writing a new book!  Keep coming back to my blog to hear more about my new book.

I am excited about the airing of my interview tomorrow with “The Balancing Act,” America’s premier morning show on Lifetime Television.  It will air at 7:00am (ET/PT).  For today’s women who face the daily challenges of trying to balance life, career, family, and find time for herself, this show offers some simple, yet highly effective solutions.   The show is immensely entertaining and I know you will enjoy it!

Thank you.

Theresa Roemer


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