Online Safety Tips

Most families these days have a minimum of one computer in the house. Some homes have multiples and access to the internet over the phone. Posting our life online has become very common place. Most people don’t give a second thought to what they put up for their “friends” to see! I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I even know 1784 people personally (or whatever the magic friend number is) that I want to share my life with!
Here are some simple reminders about online safety.
1. Keep the family computer positioned so you can easily view the monitor from anywhere in a common area. If it’s in a bedroom, you should be able to see the screen from the door.
2. Set ground rules & limits for the computer such as how long the kids can be on & what sites can be visited.
3. Don’t allow your children to post inappropriate photos of themselves online.
4. Want to post photos of your kid’s friends or other family members? Get permission from the parents first! Expect the same in return!
5. Do use exact information for everything online (neighborhoods, cars you drive, schools etc…) It’s ok to be vague sometimes.
6. Use privacy settings on social networking sites to limit contact with unknown users or “friends”.
7. Did your children experience something online that is making them uneasy? Encourage open dialogue about their activity. Investigate if something is bothering them.
8. For more information about internet safety visit:
9. Happy Surfing!
Tracy Vega-Co-Founder Simple Self Defense for Women

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