Know The Vehicle

A  new customer came in this week and told me a story about a previous situation she had. She started by thanking me for helping her through her issues and commenting

oh how nice it was  dealing with a woman. Then she proceeded to tell me

that her last car was a 1968 Mustang that didn’t run well and she was having a hard time getting it to the mechanic. She finally got it there, left it and waited for the phone call.

When it finally came he informed her that she needed all new fuel injectors.

“Fuel injectors?” she asked. “My car has a carburetor not a fuel injection system.”

The reply “Well I tried”.

WELL I TRIED? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  He was so used to ripping people

off that he thought it was ok to admit he tried.  Stories like this disgust me beyond

words. Lucky for her she had knowledge of her car. All I can say is I hope you do

too and if you don’t get some basics down. They’re out there praying on you, don’t

let them get away with it.



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