Sweet Staff

I have an incredible staff here and I never forget it, nor do I let them think I forget it. When you treat your employees with respect and care, it shows. When you walk into a business and the overall feeling is not a good one, it’s usually trickling down from above. You can always tell when employees are happy or when they’re being mistreated. I’m rather shocked when I hear how some companies treat theirs, but these guys have been with me for many years and they’ve become like family. My head mechanic’s name is Ermel, pronounced sort of like “airmail”, he’s from Equador. Last week a customer was here and had quite a few issues with his car. We fixed a few and sent him on his way to await another day to fix some others so he wouldn’t have to lay out all the money at one time. A couple of hours after he left he called to tell me that he had a message on his dashboard that said EML. I told him not worry about it, that Ermel just left a note on his dashboard to remind him that he needs to come back soon. His reply: “oh, ok”.

Of course that’s not possible, and the fact he thought it was, cracked me up. He was a bit embarrassed but was a good sport when I laughed at him. EML stands for “Elektronische Motorleistungsregelung” which has to do with engine power control. Even I had to look it up. There are many different warnings and codes that can come up on your car.You can’t be expected to know each one when even we don’t. You can look in your owner’s manual or Google them and when you can’t make sense of that either, then call your mechanic for an explanation (they might not know either but they better be willing to figure it out). Don’t let all those lights scare you, even though I frankly think some of them are meant to.

Point of this post: Find a mechanic that will explain things to you and hopefully also has happy employees.

Questions: dontgetwrenched@gmail.com



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